What is Beneficial About Supporting WeWannaPlay, Inc.?

There are several benefits unique to sponsoring WeWannaPlay, Inc. First, it allows you to support multiple athletic disciplines at multiple local public schools with one donation to a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. In this way, we act as a clearinghouse for supporting local public school athletes in need. Our goal is to support all organized sports at all the middle and high schools in Franklin County, but our funding has limited us to supporting sports at only the high school level. A second very important benefit is that the funds stay local. The athletic costs of local students on free and reduced lunch programs are supplemented.

Sponsorship Levels for the “Capital Expo Festival Funnel Cake 5k”

$50 Sponsor: Name on shirt & website (Event Facebook Page and

$100 Awards Sponsor: Same as above and special recognition during awards ceremony

$200 Title Sponsor: Same as above and company name incorporated onto event banner.

Please contact us to discuss details.

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Please post sponsorship checks by May 20th, payable/mail to: Becky Long, Funnel Cake 5K, P.O. Box 714, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
There are two ways to sign-up.  Fill out the form and send it in or sign-up online.  Both ways are listed below:
Online Sign-Up Form
Funnel Cake 5K Sign-Up 

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