Copyright (c) 2023 Capital Expo Festival


  1. Contestants will select their first song.
  2. Contestants must select a minimum of 5 (five) songs.
  3. Judges will select the remaining songs elected by the contestant if the judges request a sing off.
  4. No duplicate songs will be allowed.
  5. Contestants can choose to use a solo instrument without accompaniment during the competition. Expo will not be responsible for any set up or equipment to be used for the use of instruments.
  6. Contestants are required to perform a nationally recorded song and cannot perform music they have written.
  7. Prior Frankfort Idol or Capital Expo Idol title winners are not eligible to compete again.
  8. Contestants must be 16 years old to compete at public locations that do not have an age limit of 21 years of age.
  9. Contestant understands that two (2) winners selected at each location are expected to compete at the 2024 Capital Expo Idol Finals, on Friday, June 7, 2024. Award money will not be given until the night of finals. Failure to show at the mandatory meeting and finals, prize money will be considered forfeited and contestant(s) will be disqualified.
  10. Contestants are allowed to bring their own karaoke music during preliminary competition.
  11. Contestant agrees to not use any inappropriate material or profanity during a performance.
  12. Contestants are aware that the Karaoke monitor will not be allowed during final competition.